Now that the holidays have past, it is now time to focus on getting our daly diets back on track.  One way of doing this is to add yogurt to your diet.  Yogurt not only benefits digestive health but also offers a wealth of nutritional goodness.  The two major nutritional contributors are calcium and a array of B vitamins.  Calcium is essential to bone health, increasing bone mineral density in the young, and warding off osteoporosis in older people.  But it  is the “friendly bacteria” in yogurt that is important.  Researchers are finding new benefits to be had from these active components.  Overall, they seem to boost the immune system thereby giving protection against infections such as viruses, yeasts and cancer.  Other studies have shown yogurt’s ability to protect against ulcers and prevent inflammation.  Whether you are young or old, make yogurt an essential part of your daily diet.  Like us on Facebook.